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Disco Dining Club Presents The Woman From Bahia

"Fruit piled on her head; an icon of joyful excess."

- New York Times, 1991

Join Disco Dining Club for their inaugural San Francisco theatrical dinner party inspired by the life, times and lucite of Brazilian sensation, Carmen Miranda. Touted by the Los Angeles Times as “Versailles-level indulgence with the heart of an after-hours club,” Disco Dining Club is a renowned food and drink event that revels in all the excess, hedonism, and debauchery of disco. 

Guests will be transported to the backstage world of the famed Copacabana, where they will delight in a 4-course meal, paired, thematic cocktails, musical performances, dance numbers, immersive displays, and all the colorful rambunctiousness of any Disco Dining Club soiree. At Disco Dining, we ask but one thing of our guests: to consume everything. 

Art direction by Liam Moore, William Brennan & Alex Wyllie

Music from Mike Battaglia of Vinyl Dreams

As our Carmen Miranda(s): Scarlett LettersMama Celeste

As the MC: Vesper Synd

As the Showgirls: Katy FoleyMojo DeVille

Featuring caviar from East Boston Oysters & deconstructed cocktails from Batiste Rhum

Photography from Shot In The City

with art direction by Liam Moore, William Brennan & Alex Wyllie

The Woman From Bahia.jpeg