At Disco Dining Club's inaugural event in 2015, I passed around a simple guest book, asking my guests (after a few/many cocktails) to jot down their thoughts. This guest book has since become a time capsule of the attendees most outrageous moments, with each guest detailing their Disco Dining Club experience with the utmost, eccentric gusto. As the events evolved, so had the entries. And with each event, the words became more and more euphoric. Here are some of the most recent guest book highlights....


"Something changed in all of us tonight."

- Pharida

"At Disco Dining Club I experienced...I felt alive!"

- Jeremy


"A night of decadence, delectables, and debauchery. I am in love."

- Sabrina


"Disco Dining Club is the truth."

- Adam

"Wow! Speechless! Thank you for blowing my mind."

- Craig

"Never have I needed an escape from reality as much as I do now. Thank you for igniting my imagination, my senses, and my long lost need to play. I am loving consuming all this beauty. Never stop."

- Caitlin

"Courtney, your brain is beautiful. You've attracted the most wonderfully weird collection of people. Everything is better than we had hoped. We cannot wait for the next adventure."

- Matt