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Disco Dining Club & Nice Paper Present: The Dreamery

"Of course I know how to roll a joint.”

- Martha Stewart

A 2-night, AmeriCANNA inspired, candy shoppe feast. 

The Dreamery marries decadent sweets with bountiful weed in a dreamlike setting reminiscent of cotton candy-coated, childhood fantasies. With immersive and tactile experiences, guests will be able to indulge in the sensationally delicious ways cannabis intersects with treats. The Dreamery will include custom cocktails, incredible edibles, ice cream bars, pie stations, and towering cakes, all accompanied by sensational flower.  

The Dreamery In Partnership with Nice Paper & Kin Euphorics

Cakes: Taryn Deyarman of Haute ChefsMilk Bar

Cookies: Emily Yetter of Lil Em's CookiesLizzy Tish Shortbread

Chocolates: Tamara Palmer of California Eating

Libations: Happy Hour Agency with Sugar Cane from Raw Cane Super Juice

Flower: Paradiso Gardens

Vape Bar: Sunday Goods

DJs: Denise Love Hewett (Thursday) and Masha Mar (Friday)

Pizza: Happy Slice Pizza (Thursday) and Prime Pizza (Friday)

Photographer: Damian Borja

Candles: Joya Studio

Bong Bar: Mary Janes Soirees & MedCare Farms

Tattoo Artist (Thursday): Alex Neroulias of Cracker Jack Tats

Edibles: Gangster GourmetDr. Norms

Live Poetry (Friday): Erin Granat of Six Veils Social Club

Coconuts: Coco Lily

Medicated Tea Ceremony: Kikoko

Non-Medicated Tea Ceremony: OneTea

Ice Cream Bar: The Herbsmith

Rolling Paper Station: Papers + Ink

Ayurvedic Oils: Root Of It All

Grinders: Sackville & Co. 

Florals: East Olivia

As Our Door Woman: Bettie Bathhouse

Gift Bag Surprises: Coffee Martinis with CoffeeLove & Batiste RhumSmokiez EdiblesLoudpack

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