"Disco Dining Club invites me in with open arms to a familiar kind of weird I’m ready to lose myself in."


"It has the heart of an after-hours club but revels in the gilded decadence most below-radar nightlife is out to destroy"



"Disco Dining Club is Chez Panisse meets Studio 54."



“Disco Dining Club not only fed our bodies and minds, but it left an everlasting impression on our soul. Welcome to the future of dining, may you consume everything.”


"You might have gone to some great parties in your time, but you’ve never been to a party like the Disco Dining Club."


"For all its flamboyance, Disco Dining Club, like the best parties in L.A., feels welcoming and familial when you’re part of it, and that is mostly thanks to its mama. As with home dinner parties, it’s the hostess who sets the tone. And Nichols is really out to create harmony through hedonism."


"..and yet, despite the trappings of hedonistic excess, Disco Dining Club is, at its core, welcoming to neophytes and regulars alike."



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